Learning to surf and my struggles with a shoulder injury

Learning to surf!

I first learnt to surf on my first trip to Bali in 2010 with Odyssey Surf School, Kuta. I fell in love, I have always had so much love for the ocean and anything to do with water but having lived in a small coastal town in Perth most of my life I wanted to be a surfer girl but never actually had lessons as a kid. This needed to change.

So back in 2010, I made my way nervously down the beach with a board under my arm, my sister in tow with my camera and I spent the next two and a half hours learning to surf and falling off over and over again. I did manage to stand though!FB_IMG_1462591218445[1]

I’m up! Wooo!!


And I’m down

FB_IMG_1462591282958[1] FB_IMG_1462591352806[1]

I came home and asked my Dad for a surfboard for Christmas. Luckily, one of my good friends my tafe had also been into surfing so in 2011 we attended an event held in Perth by Billabong where we had a surf lesson, a zumba class and got to meet Felicity Palmateer, one of the female surfers I continue to look up to.


Billabong Girls Get Out There Event


Felicity Palmateer, my friend Tegan, myself and India Payne


Car crash and a shoulder injury

In the same year that I had attended this awesome event I was in a car accident. I had been hit from behind and sustained a shoulder injury which ended up being quite a long drawn out process of appointments, MRI scans, injections, physio, acupuncture and a gym rehab program. Before any treatment had been approved I took my board out with my Dad. I tried and tried and tried but I was in pain, I couldn’t paddle strong enough and I just didn’t have the strength in my shoulder any more to push myself up to a standing position. I was frustrated, upset and disappointed.

A couple of years go by and I’m in the gym with my physio. She set up a program to get me doing weights to strengthen my shoulder. Time goes by and I was no longer in pain just sitting on the lounge, I could go kayaking and not need pain killers and deep heat rubbed into my shoulder afterwards. I was starting to feel great again!

Learning to surf… again!

Now, I had been saying since getting my shoulder strong and fit again that the next time I go to Bali I am going to get back on a surfboard and learn to surf again. So in February 2016 I did just that. I made my way into Kuta and down to the Odyssey Surf School who I had my lessons with on my first visit. Crossing the street towards the beach with the board under my arm I felt all of those nerves coming back. Am I going to stand, will I be in pain afterwards, oh man I’m going to stack it so many times.


Practising standing up and working on our board position



A lot of laughs to be had


Dan trying again and again


Up standing on the first wave!

Well I had nothing to worry about. I was up standing on my very first wave, I had a huge smile on my face and had fallen in love all over again. I was having so much fun. I did have quite a fall falls but that is all part of learning. Looking back on my first surf lesson where I wasn’t exercising and  I wasn’t practising yoga compared to now I can see just how much this has actually helped me to be able to push myself up quickly and to keep my balance on the board. If you love something just keep going at it, keep practising and keep having fun. I can’t wait to to do some more lessons and see how I progress.


I was up on the first wave


but I had my fare share of falls







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Surf Schools

Odyssey Surf School
Group Lesson- 1 Instructor, 4 pax
2.5 hrs
1 day IDR 455,000 (~AUD$45)
2 days IDR 845,000 (~AUD$85)
3 days IDR 1,235.000 (~AUD$123)
Extra cost to purchase a usb of photos and video like mine above
Web/ Facebook / Instagram

School of Surfing WA
90 mins
1 class $45
4 classes $140
Web / Facebook / Instagram

Surfing Lessons Perth
2.5 hrs
1 class $60
Surf course level 1- 5 x classes $225

**Photos courtesy of Odyssey Surf School Bali**

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