Plastic Free Travels

Plastic Free Travels: Tips on how you can be more of a responsible traveller and use less plastic

You may already be an ocean warrior in the war against single use plastics and ocean rubbish or you may just be curious how you can reduce your impact. Reducing our plastic use can be quite simple when at home with the use of Keep Cups, calico bags and reusable water bottles. Travelling on the other hand can be a total kettle of fish.

I spend a lot of my travel around water, spending time surfing, paddle boarding and snorkelling. No one wants to have plastic wrap around their legs while surfing or be snorkelling in a sea of plastic bottles and microplastics instead of fish. With awareness of our waste usage we can begin to make small changes that can make a huge impact.

plastic free travels

plastic free travels
 plastic free travels

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish

  • It is believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. With 269,000 tonnes floating on the surface and around 4 billions plastic microfibres per kilometre deep below.
  • Shoppers around the world are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year. This translates to a million bags every minute or 150 bags per person per year.
  • 100,000 marine animals die each year from plastic entanglement.
  • Approx 1 million sea birds die from plastic every year
  • At least two thirds of the worlds fish stocks are suffering from plastic ingestion.

Before you leave

On average travellers go through four plastic water bottles each day. To go plastic free on your travels it is best to be prepared and have a little survival kit together. You can head to HERE for the some supplies.


  • Reusable water bottle. I find a stainless steel bottle the best and easiest while travelling.
  • A reusable coffee mug or Keep Cup. I personally take my glass keep cup everywhere I go. They are even great on the plane to use instead of the plastic cups flight attendants give you.
  • Calico tote bag to help you with your souvenir shopping
  • Metal straws because plastic straws are the worst!
  • Pack your own snacks. I love making these bliss balls to take on the plane and on hiking trips. Don’t forget to pack them into a reusable container

    Use code HEALTHYFITTRAVELLER636 for 15% off with Sand Cloud


  • Reef Safe sunscreen- no nasty chemicals
  • Bamboo cutlery
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Stainless Steel razor
  • Solid shampoo bar
  • Organic deodorant in glass
  • Menstrual cup instead of tampons. Not only are they environmentally friendly they are also great for travelling and hiking as they can be worn for up to 12hrs.
  • For the yogis. Get yourself a travel mat made from recycled bottles and natural tree rubber
  • Clothing and swimwear made from recycled products. The Sand Cloud shirt below was made from 8 recycled bottles plus 10% goes to #savethefishies!

On the ground:

Refuse singe use as much as possible but don’t compromise on your health. It is crucial to drink enough water however, it can be tricky in some destinations where the tap water is not suitable for drinking. Where possible, refill your bottle at reliable sources like your accommodation or restaurants. If you’re out on the town and leave your straw at the hotel, just advise the staff that you don’t want a straw in your drink.

Where possible, pick up any single use plastic you see. Show locals that you respect their county but also set an example for other tourists.

plastic free travels
plastic free travels

If you have some time, attend a local beach clean up. In Australia, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign hold regular beach clean ups. Also check out Tangaroa Blue.

In Bali, Bali Beach Cleaners meet every Thursday outside of Old Mans Canggu at 7.30am, Beach Cleaning meet every Wednesday outside of Finns Beach Club at 7.15am

Other organisations include Trash Hero who have an extensive network of beach clean chapters from Switzerland to New York and all through South East Asia.

plastic free travels

I hope this post has inspired you to be a bit more conscious of how damaging single use plastics are and some easy swaps for at home and while travelling.

Jess xx

plastic free travels

The Sea Shepherd range with Flora and Fauna are supporting Sea Shepherd and their mission so you buy them knowing you’re helping the work Sea Shepherd do to help our planet and our oceans.

Disclaimer: Some of the above products contain affiliate links, there is not extra cost to you, however I do get a small commission if you happen to purchase through a link on my site. This post is NOT sponsored by Flora and Fauna and all opinions are my own. I personally use these products at home and on my travels.

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