Top 12 Healthy Christmas Recipes

Top 12 Healthy Christmas Recipes

Christmas, a time where we all eat a bit too much and treat ourselves more than normal. Usually for Christmas I will spend the day at my Dad’s place where we have a family breakfast, this year however I will be on top of a Buddhist mountain in China IN. THE. SNOW! Being a Buddhist mountain means we will be having a vegetarian dinner- totally fine by me, but it will be quite a change from our normal Christmas festivities. To help you all have a healthy and less bloated Christmas I have put together a round up of healthy Christmas recipes from some of my favourite food and health bloggers.

All photos are taken from the website of the creator and links to the full recipe included (click the photo).


Paleo Apple Berry Bircher Museli
by The Merry Maker Sisters

You thought muesli was out of the picture? Nope…. wrong, not here in Merrymaker Land anyway! Chuck the oats and use our totally quick and easy mix together recipe instead! This is busy weekday recipe approved!

healthy christmas recipes

Gingerbread Smoothie
by I Quit Sugar

This deliciously thick Gingerbread Smoothie has an unsuspecting ingredient – sweet potato! We couldn’t help ourselves, we love adding extra veg into our diets any way we can.

IQS gingerbread smoothie

Paleo Pikelets
by The Merry Maker Sisters

Who remembers pikelets? We do! Not just from the supermarket but from our primary school canteen! They used to be 5 cents each, we’d buy them in lots of 20 and share them with our friends… and they’d be covered in butter and they’d be seriously yum.

We also remember cheese buns and giant twins and zoopa doopers which were also pretty darn freaking yum. But seriously full of crap.


Frosty the Snowman Smoothie
by Lorna Jane

Well merry MNBers as promised, we’ve got a deliciously festive inspired smoothie coming straight to your tastebuds (just in time for treat tuesday too) with our frosty the snowman coconut smoothie! If you’ve been dreaming of a white christmas (even if you are in a sunburnt country) this festive frosty dream is every part the perfect snowy swill! With coconut everything it’s a dietary requirement’s perfect little sweet treat with no dairy or gluten in sight. Get your hands around your glass and sip on some snowy goodness just in time for Santa to slip down the chimney…


Lunch/ Dinner

Macadamia, Garlic & Parsley Crusted Rack of Lamb
by Eat Drink Paleo

The season of decadence is almost upon us so I thought I’d share one of my old time celebratory favourites. Herb and nut crusted rack of lamb is as special as they come but for many people it seems like a complicated dish. It’s not. Once you’ve made peace with forking out a horrifying amount of cash on a couple of French-trimmed racks of lamb, the rest is pretty simple, and affordable. I always think that a jolly season is a good enough occasion to spoil yourself and your family, so let me show you how to make these bad boys.

Eat Drink Paleo crusted-lamb-rack-h

Roast Chicken with Inside Out Stuffing
by Eat Drink Paleo

I wanted to make a special roast chicken recipe in the lead up to Christmas so I decided to experiment with some paleo friendly stuffing. I had an idea but I wasn’t sure if it would work out as well as I tasted it in my head. It turned out even BETTER than I hoped and I am very excited to share this recipe with you. Whether you’re planning a Christmas dinner menu or you want something a little extra special for a Sunday roast, I really hope you try out this fantastic chicken and stuffing combo.

Eat Drink Paleo paleo_roast_chicken_with_stuffing

Lentil & Walnut Loaf
by Modern Day Missus

This lentil and walnut loaf is perfect for the Perth weather!

Modern Day Missus Lentil-Loaf-750px

Sweet Treats

Christmas Gingerbread
by The Whole Daily

I love ginger and I lurrrve gingerbread. Always have. Always will.

Since baking and creating with no sugar and no gluten, I’ve adamantly steered clear of a lot of recipes that use standard gluten-free flours that are made of starches and typically need binding ingredients like gums and high GI flours to get them to mimic regular wheat flours.

I’ve tried to make cut-out cookies and biscuits before using buckwheat flour and almond meal and have not been satisfied… however my number one 3 year-old and I have stumbled upon the perfect combination of healthy flours and made gingerbread Christmas trees that actually knocked my socks off. With every bite we would look at each other and I would say ‘I can’t believe how good these are, THIS is the recipe… We’ve totally outdone ourselves here babe’.  And she would say ‘Mmmmmm Yuummmm Hmmmm MMmmm’.

Healthy Christmas Recipes

Paleo Festive Orange Cake
by Eat Drink Paleo

In my attempt to make a paleo friendly Christmas trifle I started playing around with a sponge cake recipe. For some reason I had orange in mind, probably because I am a big fan of gluten free orange cakes. I wanted to make something similar but not as sickly sweet and soaked in syrup as the orange cakes you get in cafes. When the cake came out I decided it was going to become its own thing even though I used some of it in the trifle (coming soon).

It keeps well in the fridge and has a lovely orange flavour that is subtle enough for kids and sensitives palates. I think it’s a perfect cake for family gatherings and afternoon teas.

Eat Drink paleo paleo_orange_cake_1-1-of-1

Eggnog Popsicles
by I Quit Sugar

Eggnog is a Christmas favourite, but it’s usually packed with sugar. We’ve made a simple eggnog recipe, but because we’re set for a scorcher of a Christmas Down Under, we’ve turned this tasty drink into popsicle form.

IQS Egg-Nog-Popsicles-680x340

Chocolate Panforte
by The Whole Daily

So you love chocolate and Christmas and food and yummy stuff? No way! I do too. 

That’s why I’ve created what I am now describing as panforte-mageddon, because I actually ate this whole mutha-ucking panforte  to myself today.

The Whole Daily Paleo-Christmas-Panforte-2

Festive Bliss Balls
by Lorna Jane

When you love Christmas as much as we do (who else will be eating pudding #inmyactivewear) you look for ANY excuse to put a festive pep into every step (amirite). You’ve trimmed your tree, decorated your desk, updated your christmas playlist and naturally, the next thing you’re looking to sprinkle some Christmas magic on is your plate… What do you call a festive bliss ball? A Jingle Ball of course! You may recognise these beauties from our Fit Feeds instore, and these bite sized sweet treats will keep you bright and jingling all the way through to Christmas Day! Whether you whip up a batch to adorn the table on Christmas day, gift to your amazing co-workers or simply want to jazz up your weekly meal prep, these treats will make an amaze-balls addition to any celebration.


I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy making some of these delicious but healthy Christmas recipes.

Jess x



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