My Favourite Adventures of 2016

My Favourite Adventures of 2016

Some have said 2016 was a nightmare while others have said it was their best year yet. For me, 2016 was a rollercoaster of adventures, injuries and emotions. As I think about the year gone the positives definitely outweigh the negatives; I met some great people while travelling and back home in Perth, I ate some amazing food and I finally travelled to Mexico!! I’ve compiled some of my favourite adventures of 2016 below.

Exploring 9 ancient Mayan cities in Central America

adventures of 2016

I spent 5 weeks in October and November travelling Mexico, Belize and Guatemala and exploring some of the best ancient ruins including Teotihuacan,Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque and Tikal.

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Falling in love, finally!
…with Mexico 😉

Mexico has been a country that I have wanted to travel to for so long and it really exceeded all of my expectations. The food was amazing, the buildings were gorgeous and I got to experience Day of the Dead celebrations.

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Exploring Rottnest Island and taking plenty of Quokka selfies

Rottnest Island is one of my favourite escapes from the city when I’m home. A small island off the coast of Perth it is such a great place to pitch a tent, go snorkelling, cycle around the island and say hello to the happiest animal on the planet, the quokka!

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Loving life under the sea

There were a few great snorkelling adventures in 2016 from snorkelling with manta rays in Nusa Lembongan, turtles in Akumal Bay and sharks and sting rays in Belize. I am most happiest when surrounded by water.

Hiking Mt Batur & kayaking on Lake Batur for my birthday

At 1,717 m, Mt Batur is a short hike to the summit but the views didn’t disappoint. Following the hike, we kayaked on Lake Batur which is a crater lake surrounded by volcano peaks and lined with traditional villages.

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Riding the waves

I got back on a surfboard while in Bali and it was the best feeling!! Cannot wait to spend a weekend this year surfing in Bali again.

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And the dunes of Lancelin

Lancelin is only a couple of hours drive from Perth but it had been a long time since heading that way. I spent the day sandboarding and exploring the pinnacles with a few good friends.

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Seeing snow at the Great Wall of China

In 2013, I visited China in Autumn and the colours around the wall were gorgeous but I had always wanted to see it covered in snow. I spent the first day of 2016 hiking the wall at Mutianyu again and just had to have another go at the toboggan to get down.

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Hiking Mt Emei (and almost getting stranded overnight)

While a lot of my last trip to China was a bit disastrous, especially the trip to Mt Emei, the amazing views like this one sure did make up for it. When we reached the summit we were told our hotel had been given away and were left stranded in -10 degrees with nowhere to stay. Luckily a nice lady let us buy her room from her as she had to make her way back home.

Eating super good food

From buckwheat banana coconut pancakes in Perth to smoothie bowls in Bali, I ate loads of super yummy and healthy food.

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and eating some that are a bit more out there

I spent New Years Eve of 2015/16 walking around the markets of Beijing eating scorpions and tarantulas and in Mexico I ate a tradition Oaxacan dish, Grasshopppers on a giant tortilla!

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