Americas Travel Bucket List

Americas Travel Bucket List

The Ultimate Americas Travel Bucket List

 I am yet to travel to South, Central & North America and this list is pretty long so hopefully I will tick some items off my Americas Travel Bucket List soon.

In October and November I will be spending a month travelling Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Stay tuned for an update on this bucket list!


1. Day of the Dead Festival in Oaxaca
2. Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)
3. Teotihuacan pyramids
4. Dive with the whale sharks in Cancun
5. Copper Canyon
Photo credit: Annabell Kreuzer @adventure_bell


1. Sunrise kayaking to the monkeys in Rio Dulce
2.Lake Atitlan
3. Salsa dancing in Antigua
4.Chichicastenango open air market
5. Tikal National Park
Photo credit: Alexis Rubenstein


1. Snorkel the second largest barrier reef
2. Skydive the Blue Hole
3. Swim with whale sharks
4. Dive the blue hole
5. Costa Maya Festival


1. Volcano boarding
2. Surfing
3. Wander the colourful streets of Granada
4. Isla de Ometepe
5. Corn islands


1. Mayan ruins of Copan
2. Mesoamerican Barrier Reef
3. Eco lodge at Pico Bonito
4. Visit a macaw reserve
5. Zipline through the jungle


1. Snorkel in Bocas del Toro
2. Hike in Boquuete
3. White water rafting
4. Coiba National Park
5. Whale watching


1. Hike in the Sarapiqui Rainforest
2. Tortguero National Park
3. Santa Elena Cloud Forest
4. Surf in Playa Santa Teresa
5. Zipline through the jungle


1. Surf in Las Flores
2. Kayak the Coatepeque volcano lake
3. White water rafting
4. Relax on the beach at Barra de Santiago
5.  Explore the cloud forest


1. Sail on a catamaran in the Canarreos Archipelago
2. Salsa class
3. Snorkel
4. Walk Old Havana
5. Yerette Hummingbird Sanctuary
Photo credit: Trusted Travel Girl


1. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
2. Colca Canyon in Arequipa
3. Enjoy Peruvian food in Lima
4. Hike through the Amazon Jungle
5. Stay at an eco lodge in the Amazon
Photo credit: Elle Congelliere @ellecintheoc


1. Sail across Lake Titicaca
2. See the sun rise and set at the salt flats of Uyuni
3. Bolivian Amazon Jungle
4. Explore the street markets and Witch Doctor’s market of La Paz


1. Cloud forest
2. Walk the cobbled streets of Cuenca
3. Discover Otavalo’s artisan market
4. Stay at the Napo Wildlife Centre
5. Machalilla National Park
Photo credit: Annabell Kreuzer


1. Cruise around the Galapagos Islands
2.Watch the three species of boobies on San Cristobal Island
3. Giant Tortoise breeding centre
4. Snorkel amongst the wildlife
5. Watch the sea turtles lay their eggs


1. View the moais on Easter Island
2. Atacama Desert
3. Torres Del Paine National Park
4. Walk the winding stairs of Valparaiso
5. Cooking class in Santiago


1. Mauco safari at Iguazu Falls
2. Learn to tango
3. Bariloche
4. El Calafate & Los Glaciares National Parl
5. Drink wine in Mendoza


1. Rio Carnival
2. Cruise down the Amazon River
3. Jeep ride to the top of the Corcovado Mountain
4. South Pantanal nature reserve
5.The Lencoi Maranhenses National Park
Photo credit: Charlotte Mille


1. Relax at Punta del Este
2. Eat Gnocchi on Gnocchi Day
3. Wander the colonial streets of Colonia del Sacramento
4. Climb up some of the 15+ lighthouses
5. Visit the hand


1. Explore Cartagena’s old town
2. Trek to the Lost City of Teyuna
3. Hike in the Tayrona National Park
4. Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira
5. Snorkel in the Caribbean


1. Angel Falls
2.  Trek Mt Roraima
3. Sleep in hammocks in a jungle lodge
4. Canaima National Park
5. Los Llanos


1. Canoe to Isadou Island
2. Hike through the Voltzberg jungle
3. Explore the mosques, temples, synagogues and churches in Paramaribo
4. Raleigh Falls
5. Watch the sea turtles lay their eggs


1. Cross the Antarctic circle
2. Camping in Antarctica
3. King penguins in South Georgia
4. Paddleboard & kayak
5. Polar plunge

 What would you add to the Americas Travel Bucket List?

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